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Trusting In Man

So where is your trust today?  Do you trust in man or is your trust in God?  As I look over the events that are going on around the world and in our area it seems like there is a great deal of trust put in man.  Folks don’t put trust in God like they use to back in the day.

Where do you stand on this issue?  As far as myself I am trusting in God and I know he is in control.  I look around and it disappoints me to see all the folks who are putting their trust in man.

You may disagree with me but I can see that folks are not trusting in God like they did when I was a young lad.  To many of the folks today are putting their trust in the politicians that really are not making sense.  If you are really trusting in God why are you allowing the politicians to make you stand for stupid things?  When you support these idiots who support things that are against the law you are just like them.

I want to see how many of you read this post to the end.  If you did read the whole post put a small “y” in the comment selection.  Like I always say you don’t have to do it but I would like to see how many really read this post.  I will assume you didn’t read it all or you got offended before the end and you closed it.

God is still on the throne and you need to put your trust in Him.

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