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I Am Totally In Shock

I just found out that I have some friends that believe some stuff that does not line up with the Christian values that I have. For that matter many of these values do not line up with the Bible and I am very concerned that they are standing on some very shaky ground. I am concerned that they may have left the Christian values that they believed when I knew them years ago.

One of the real shockers is men being allowed in the women’s restroom. The Bible teaches there is a clear difference between man and woman and when you allow men in women’s restrooms you are violating a moral code. How can they adopt this belief with a clear conscience as a Christian?

Next is the real shocker… some have adopted the belief you can kill a baby in the womb up until before it is born. Some are taking the view that it isn’t a life until it is born. God is the giver and taker of life. God knows each of those babies in the womb. Read your Bible. How can they adopt this belief with a clear conscience as a Christian?

I am in total shock and I am wondering if they have changed their belief about Salvation. I know God is not pleased with this and I just wonder how far they have wondered off the path. Sometimes when you all your politics, your standards, your morals, and so on to change you put God and the Bible on a different burner and you ignore everything that God’s Word teaches.

God has given us His Word to live by and when we do no heed it we are rebelling against the power of the almighty God. I want you to know I wouldn’t go down that road.

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