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Conquer Your Fear

So what is your greatest fear?  Do you fear spiders or snakes?  I hate snakes and I don’t even care if they are not poison snakes.  So just to be honest I don’t want to get over that fear.  I just like staying away from snakes.  (So quit sending me pictures of snakes on Facebook.)

Some people have the fear of death.  We sometimes fear the unknown and it causes us to do all kinds of crazy things.  The best way to conquer your fears is to face them.  I have heard people who have a fear of heights are told to climb a tall mountain and look down and face that fear.  Does that really help you overcome it?

I think if you want to overcome your fears you must admit you have the problem.  I know many who won’t admit they have a fear but yet they continue to have nightmares about it.

I will admit I am not an expert about this but I was asked to comment on it so I am.  Admit your fear and then face it.  Here is the example of heights.  Don’t go to extremes at first to conquer the fear.  Climb a short ladder and get use to the idea.  Don’t get up on top of a big building and look off the edge.  Face it with baby steps.

You need to first confront your fear with small steps toward it.  If you are afraid of heights climbing a tall mountain or building is not baby steps.  Take your time and get use to the smaller steps before you move on to bigger steps.

I have been able to remove snakes from my house and it has taken a great deal of baby steps.  I hope this has helped.

Again I am not an expert but I was asked to comment on this subject and I have tried my very best and I hope it has helped.

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