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Testing Your Faith

Let me ask you a question.  When was the last time your Faith was tested?  Did you pass or fail?

On that note let’s look at what helps us pass the tests of faith.  Anyone can say they have faith but when they are tested that shows their true colors.  Let’s think about David going against a Goliath and it took real faith to stand up against that giant.  He knew God was on his side and he was trusting completely in God getting him through the battle.

When you are getting ready to face your battles where is your trust?  Do you think that you have the strength to fight the battle in your own power?  Who are you trusting in to get through the battle?

If you are trusting in your own strength to get through the battle I can promise you that you will fail.  Satan is the powerful adversary and he will take you down if you don’t come with the power of God.  If you are going to win you must have faith that God will give you that extra strength and power to overcome Satan’s attacks.

Your faith will be tested and if your strength is in your big muscles you will lose.  You need to pray and ask God to give you the courage and strength to overcome your adversary.  Then you have to trust Him that He will give you the strength to finish the job.

Later in David’s life he let his guard down.  He thought that he had things under control.  He didn’t follow God’s leadership and he stayed home from the battlefield.  He got bored and went on the roof top and saw a woman bathing and he lusted after her and then had her brought unto him and he failed the test of faith.  He committed adultery with her and that lead to more things that brought God’s judgement upon his life.

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