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Buying Gas Across The River

Our Governor who tried to screw the state out of taxes by taking toilets out of his mansion has decided to tax us to death. He already raised the gas tax to almost double what it was. Now the businesses here in Alton are going to be hurting because we are going to go across the river to get our gas.

I don’t like to do that and hurt our local businesses but I have to consider our financial state and JB has decided to over tax us. Some folks are moving out of state others are just buying our gas elsewhere. I know he is going to ruin our economy here in Illinois. (Not that it was not already bad.) He is going to make it worse. After they voted the increase in gas tax, license plates, and so on guess what he did? He voted a raise for himself and all the folks in the statehouse. I guess they had to get enough extra to pay for the big houses and cars they drive. The middleman is going to hurt because of this governor.

Many of you voted for this idiot and now you will be paying the piper. You made things bad for everyone when you voted for him. You already knew what he was going to do as he sent signals as to how he was going to raise taxes.

Rauner wasn’t taking a salary and he was trying to help our state but many of you were afraid to give him a little more time to get things right. So now we have JB and he will run our state into the ground with the other idiot in Springfield, Madigan.

You better start getting your head on right and quit listening to the lying politicians. Do the right thing vote these thief’s out.

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