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Untold Stories I Cannot Share

Over the past several years I have wrote stories about my years at Baraboo and also at Pleasant View. Some of the stories I have shared were stories about things that didn’t go well or things that happened that were really wrong. I wasn’t afraid to tell them but I have untold stories I cannot share also. Most of the stories were about my time in Baraboo or Wood River. My untold stores are about my time in Kane.

I spent 2½ years in Kane. I have stories about my time there that I won’t share as I fear my life would be in danger if I shared them. Things happened that I am not at liberty to share. There are several reasons I won’t share them besides my life being in danger if I shared them.

Many nice and wonderful people could get hurt and I have no reason to see people hurt who are innocent of anything wrong doing. Some have passed on but there are still a lot of wonderful people in that area.

While I was at Kane I saw some wonderful things happen and I met some wonderful people. God allowed me to spend some years to learn some valuable lessons. We thank God for the wonderful people that we served and we will not forget the folks who were a great support to us while we were there.

Just for the record I am not writing these stories and leaving them after I die because I love my family and I don’t want them to have to pay because I opened my mouth. Just say a prayer and let God work out the details.

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