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I keep hearing this “FREE STUFF” on the internet, from politicians, and on the TV.  Let’s be clear about something.  Nothing is free!!  Someone pays for it one way or another for you to get it free.  It may be free to you but someone has to pay for it.

Even our Salvation which is free cost something.  We got it free but Jesus died on the cross to pay for it.  It may have not cost us anything but he gave His life to pay for it on the cross of Calvary.

Now let me get to the other free stuff.  Bernie Sanders just said the other day he wants to give “Free Wi-Fi” to everyone.  He is using the “FREE” word to get votes but the very people that think they are getting something free are the ones who will be paying for it in higher taxes.  Bernie offers FREE Education, Health Care, Wi-Fi, and on and on but what he doesn’t tell you is that taxes will be increased to pay for it.  I know what some of you of you are going to say.  He says the rich will pay for it.  No you and I will pay for it.  The rich have never paid for a thing and Bernie wants you to think that the rich will pay for it but when he gets in we will pay for it.  The only ones who won’t pay are those with no money, no jobs and so on.  They are the lazy bunch that don’t work and the rest of us sees to it that they are treated better than we are.  They are proving that they are a bunch of liars.  They promised the illegal immigrant “free stuff” and we pay for it in increased taxes.  Get your head out of your butt!!  Nothing is free and you will and are paying for it.

The Governor of Illinois is proving this over and over with his lies he used to get in office.  He isn’t paying the taxes for this “free stuff” we will be paying for it. Many of you are very gullible and believe these lies.

As long as you listen to these liars who say anything to get in office you are proving your stupidity.  If they say free, ask them to show you the money.  How are we paying for it?

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