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Pot Holes

Pot holes can really do a number on your car. I have seen several that have been let go for a long time. I saw a post on Facebook where a guy made a cake for a pot hole that was celebrating its third birthday. The one I have observed are not that old but they are about five months old.

There was a pot hole between the Captain D’s and I Hop in Alton, Illinois and I kept telling managing about it. I Hop said it wasn’t their responsibility and Captain D’s said the same thing. I posted on Facebook about it and warned people to be careful and avoid the area because of the pot hole. Low and behold a day later the pot hole was fixed and I got several people who had seen my post tell me about the repair.

The other pot hole is located in front of the Rally’s in Bethalto, Illinois. I have posted repeatedly about this one but nothing has happened. I have seen several trucks and cars hit the hole and I can’t see how it didn’t mess up their alignment. Not sure if anyone else complained except me. I am not going back to the Rally’s until the hole is repaired. I recommend you tell them at the window you won’t be back until it is fixed and maybe they will get it fixed.

If it isn’t their problem they ought to contact those who are supposed to fix it. They could but they just don’t. If it hurt their bottom line they might.

So what do you think about pot holes?

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