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God's Will

When things are not God’s will you can’t force it; if you do you’ll be sorry. If it is God’s will you can’t stop it.

Of course there is our will and if we decide to go against God’s will you will be sorry as I said before. When things are not in God’s will and we try to force our own will things will fall apart. Going against God’s will is a very bad choice as you can’t stop God’s will. You may choose your own will but in doing so you will miss the blessing of God.

Let me see if I can explain a bit clearer. Let’s say it is God’s will for you to do such and such and you decide not to do it. You can’t stop God’s will but if you choose your own will you will suffer the consequences. A good way of explaining that is it is God’s will that everyone come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each person has the ability to make the choice they want and can make the choice to accept the free gift of Salvation. If they choose to not accept God’s will they will suffer the consequences. The consequences in this case are eternity in Hell.

Not all choices you make will send you to Hell but many of them will have other consequences. I don’t know about you but I would like to be in the perfect will of God.

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