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Another Story From My Past

I was the Pastor at Pleasant View and I was just driving up to the church parking lot and I saw a bunch of kids playing in the back parking lot.  I decided to go talk with them and see if they might want to ask their parents if they could visit our Sunday School.

Just as I got out of my car and headed their way they scattered so fast that I wasn’t able to talk to any of them except for one small boy that got left behind.

I asked him why they were all running.  He told me that they thought I was the gray headed man that would come over there and threaten them. The boy said that if he caught them playing on our property that he would call the police and have them take them home and issue a warning to their parents.

After talking with him for a few minutes I realized who he was describing.  I told him that I didn’t mind if they played in our parking lot and that I would talk to the man who was chasing them off and tell him to leave them alone.

The next day I talked with the man who I was sure they were describing as he was the only one with grey hair.  I told him that was not how we should treat our neighbors and if we didn’t show kindness to them we would never be able to reach them in our church.

His excuse was that they would sue us if they got hurt and they would destroy our property.  From what he said to me I got the impression he didn’t want those children in our church as they might leave a mess and someone might have to clean it up.  That really broke my heart.  This was probably the reason we had such a hard time reaching the young people in our area.

Now I am not at Pleasant View and we were never able to reach those young people.  It breaks my heart to know that he had no love for young people of our community.  How very sad!!!

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