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Kelly's Conference In South Carolina

We should have arrived sooner but we stopped at Wal-Mart to get some provisions for the week.  When we finally got there we had a nightmare from I don’t know where.  We couldn’t find the place as it was getting dark and the map they gave had no street names and there were none on the corners of the streets.

Finally when we found our Condo we couldn’t get in because our key didn’t work.  We had two dogs that were sick of the car and just wanted to get in.  So Kelly held one and I held one while she called to find out how we were getting in.  Finally a guy showed up with new keys and we got in.  Then I tried carrying stuff up two flights of stairs and no lights on our level.  We ask for a lower level but they gave us a second floor Condo and so they send a guy to hold a flashlight for me and he helped me carry our stuff in. 

Finally we got in and sat down and then we were ready to pass out.  I put Chloe in her carrier and I went in our bedroom and passed out.  I am hoping that things get better through the week. (This was written during the time we were there and posted later.)

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