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What Kind Of Hope Do You Have?


a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

"he looked through her belongings in the hope of coming across some information" ·


aspiration · desire · wish · expectation · ambition · aim · plan · dream ·


a feeling of trust.


want something to happen or be the case.

"he's hoping for an offer of compensation" ·


expect · anticipate · look for · wait for · be hopeful of · pin one's hopes on · want · wish for · dream of .

Do you anticipate that something is going to work out the way you want it to work out? What happens when it doesn’t work out like you hope it to do? Are you just disappointed or do you get angry?

Does hope ever bring good result? Why do we waste our time with hope? If hope is not a sure thing then why have any?

Some of you are hoping you make it to Heaven and I am telling you that you are going to be disappointed. You can stop hoping and be sure of your place in Heaven by accepting Christ as your personal Savior. Put your trust in Jesus; not in a hope that never gives results that are guaranteed. Jesus shed blood is a guarantee that if you accept Him as your Savior you will have a place in Heaven.

Place your trust in a sure thing not something that will not give the results you are looking for.

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