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Can You Believe It?

I am all for helping out those in need but over the years I have become good at knowing who really needed help and who was just trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

A lady posted on Facebook that she needed help. He had six kids and wanted someone to put her up in a motel or hotel for about a week. She said after that she would have a place to go.

After making contact and giving her some leads on where she could get the help she needed she turned it down. She wasn’t going to go to Salvation Army or the local Hope Center where she could get help. She wanted someone to give her come money for a motel or hotel.

Here are a few questions I have: She has access to the internet to post on Facebook or a phone with internet access. She has six kids and is not willing to get help from agencies that help this type of people. She was unwilling to go to social services and sign up for food stamps. She has a very nice van she is hauling the family in and conveniently has no husband. Where is she making all these babies if she doesn’t have a husband?

After doing some checking this woman has a boyfriend who doesn’t work and she has been going around to the local churches getting money and she is a known user of all the services in the area so they are unwilling to help her. She has a link card and was buy people food and they were giving her cash. She is now in trouble with social services and could lose her children.

What kind of person does this kind of thing? Let me tell you that she is going to have a hard time getting help because she is a user and doesn’t really want to help herself get on her feet. She needs to kick out that bum of a boyfriend that helps her make new babies and she needs to use her link card and buy food to these children and not sell the food for cash. She needs to use the money she gets from Social Services for rent and quit using everyone because she is too lazy to do the right thing.

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