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Showing That We Care

I think sometimes we don’t think about all the benefits we get from friends and family. Sometimes we don’t show our appreciation and then suddenly they are gone. They either die suddenly or for some reason the drop out of our lives.

We need to learn to appreciate those we care for because we don’t know how long we will have them. People die suddenly and then it is too late to show them that we appreciate them.

People don’t want to hear all the wonderful things about them at their funeral. I am not saying it is wrong to say nice things about someone who has died. But the person who died would have liked to hear them before they died.

So what am I saying? Get out there and let the folks you know and love; that you appreciate them. Let them know you love them and let them know all the wonderful things about them that you have never said before.

I was at my step son’s bench in Bethalto on the anniversary of his death. Two of my granddaughters were with me. I told them I really love Josh and I miss him. They both said that they wished that they had been old enough to know him and tell him that they loved him. They can’t tell him how much they love him because he is gone but we keep his memory alive in their hearts. They had an excuse for not telling him how they felt as they were babies.

Let us not let those around us know how much we love them and appreciate them. The other day I dropped off them granddaughters at the Boys & Girls Club. I was walking out the door and they came running to me and I said, “What’s up?” They said, “Papa we just want you to know we love you.”

I already knew that but I loved hearing it again. I know you have loved ones that just want to hear you say the words that you sometimes fail to say when they need it most.

Prayers going up for you today!

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