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People Who Run Red Lights

Lately I have notice that people are running red lights more.  On Fosterburg & 120 a corner near our home is a very bad corner for accidents and they keep running the lights.  I have made it a habit to wait for the cars to stop before going because there are so many of those who run the light.

I have noticed that there are other areas where people run the light.  I can understand why cities want red light camera but I don’t think that is the cure to the problem.  I am against red light cameras but I think if the police would monitor these corners more that it could cure this problem.  I personally can almost tell you the  best time you could catch the most offenders.

I can’t tell you how many times I have avoided an accident on my corner by just pausing a few seconds after the light has changed.  These folks are not running these lights on yellow.  The light is a solid red before the get to the light and they are going through them on red.

Are you one of these offenders?  I try to write down their plate numbers but before I can get around the corner they are miles down the road and I would have to break speed laws to catch them and then the police would probably stop me and they would get a pass.

Let me hear from you on this subject.  

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