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We Have Added Another Family Member

Kelly has wanted to get a Great Dane puppy for a long while and one became available and she wanted to get it. We went round and round about it and I really didn’t want to get another puppy. She used the line, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and tried to push me into it. I stood my ground and late on Sunday we had a heart to heart talk. I still have my doubts but we decided to get the puppy. Her name is Sophie and she is a Great Dane. She is going to be a very big dog. I will have pictures for you later.

Well, I have to tell you trying to get this Great Dane potty trained is a real chore. I have been working with our other puppy, Chloe and I have got her almost crate trained. She hasn’t used her crate to do her business for almost five days. She has had a couple of accident in the living room when the kids didn’t make sure to take her out before bringing her in the house.

If you have any stories to share I would love to hear them. You any of you have dogs? What are their names and what kind of dog are they? Are they a member of the family?

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