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The St. Louis Blues

We have seen a great deal of hype with each game that has been played as the Blues are playing for the Stanley Cup against the Bruins. Sunday the Blues could win it all or if the Bruins win they will be forced into another game in Boston.

In our area of the world we are seeing a great deal of hype and everyone is talking about it. If you aren’t from the St Louis area you probably don’t care but this would be a great deal if they could win it all on Sunday. You can bet that we will be cheering for the St. Louis Blues and maybe we won’t we watching the game we will be hoping for a win.

This Sunday, which is June 9th my daughter’s birthday; I am hoping for a win for the Blues. Many of you are not hockey fans and neither am I but this series has got everyone in the St. Louis area excited and jacked up; if you know what I mean.

So when you see this post I would like to see who you think is going to win the Stanley Cup and do you think it will be on Sunday or do you think it will go to a 7th game.

Right now I would be happy with a win on Sunday, June 9th. I am hoping the Blues win it all and bring home the Stanley Cup. It would mean so much to the St. Louis area.

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