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Microsoft Windows 7 & Below

I am not sure how many of you are on board with Microsoft’s new plan to cut off updates and security for Windows 7 and below.

This is just a money grab by Microsoft. They want to do what Obama did with Health Care. Make everyone pay even if they didn’t want it. Many were forced to buy Heath Care even if they didn’t want it. Now Microsoft wants to make everyone upgrade to Windows 10 or Office 365. They will make you pay a yearly fee to keep the software or you will lose it. The idea is too many people are keeping their old windows too long and not upgrading so they are losing money. Someone came up with the idea to charge a subscription fee every year to keep the money coming in and make all the people who don’t want to upgrade to do it anyway.

So tell me folks out there what is your take on this. I know for most people they don’t use the software enough to make it worth the money to upgrade every year and pay the yearly fee. I know for some people it works out good but many it is just another way Microsoft does a money grab.

Let me hear from you.

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