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What Can Be Done?

I am asked this question more than anything.  The problem is that nobody really wants to hear the answer.  Nobody wants to do what needs to be done they want things to go just as they are going now.  What they mean is let’s leave everything like it is so things will get worse and then we can blame someone else.

What really needs to be done is what Trump is trying to do.  Drain the swamp.  Build the Wall!!  We have these do nothing politicians and so nothing gets done.  Right now they are trying to stop Trump because he is trying to get something done and if they don’t stop him they will look bad because he has done what they haven’t done the last 40 years they have been in office.  We keep them in office because they tell us that they are doing what needs to be done.  The fact is they are just playing us like a fiddle and we and letting them keep up their plans.

What needs to be done is that every democrat needs to be voted out of office and get our country back on its feet.  For too long they have been making promises that they have no intentions of keeping and they just keep playing us.  It is time to stand up and sya “NO MORE”.  If you have the guts to put theses losers out of office I can promise you that we will see our country turn around.  

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