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Scam Alert

More than ever there are scams that are trying to steal your identity or your money.  You should never give your bank account numbers, social security numbers, and or other information over phone.  95% of the calls that want this information are scams.  Also many sound like they are legitimate but they are not.

Here is an example:  This is you’re (they name your electric company) for some reason your check did not clear.  We need to verify your routing numbers and account number.

Many times people give their information quickly because they think it is their electric company calling.  The electric company will not make a call like this.

Another one is that they say you have a refund coming and they need your account numbers to send your refund.  Many times people say just mail it to me and they give them their address.  This is not a good thing to do either.  Callers should never be given any information.

Also sometimes a robo call is made to your number and they say, “Can you hear me?”  Do not answer “yes” because they may record your voice saying yes and sign you up to change your phone service or something else.  I usually respond, “Who is this?”  When I find out it isn’t anyone I know I hang up.

Just a few helpful warnings.

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