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Summer Is Here

Usually I don’t declare summer started until the kids are out of school. They are out of school now and so things have begun to hit the fan. Abby’s work schedule doesn’t allow for her to take the girls to the Boys and Girls Club so I have to go over every morning and watch them for an hour or so and then take them to the boys and girls club. If I haven’t explained what this club is I will do so now. It is kind of like a babysitter except it isn’t. Really it is a place where the girls can go and play under the supervision of adults. They have all kinds of things there the girls can do and be involved in.

Some days I will bring them over to my house and I will let them swim in the pool and play with the dog. This schedule makes my day a bit harder as I still have to feed the birds and hold them. I just have to adjust my schedule around them. I usually like to feed, water, and hold the birds’ first thing in the morning but that is harder to do in the summer.

This month we are having a new roof put on the house that Abby lives in. A storm hit and messed up the roof but the insurance isn’t covering the damage. They are only giving us a little money for a repair but the leaking is real bad so we are repairing the whole roof. We got several bids to do a repair and/or half of the roof. One roofer bid the repair and with the other roofer we got was going to do half the roof for the cost that the other roofer bid for doing the repair. Then we got another bid for half the roof and the other roofer was going to do the entire roof for what the other roofer was going to do half. So we decided to go with the cheaper roofer. He did a real good job on our neighbor’s house.

Well, what have you got planned for your summer? Are you planning any vacations or trips? We just took one down to Texas for my Dad’s wedding. It costs so much these days to take trips and so it makes it harder to get away.

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