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Good Pride & Bad Pride

I know that when you see this title you are thinking that there isn’t any such thing as good pride and bad pride.

Actually, I do think there is a possibility to have good and bad pride. First let’s look at the bad pride. Each of know that we can get to big for our britches every so often. What that is happens to be the bad pride. When we think we are better than everyone or we think we never can do wrong and we put our self so high up we find ourselves becoming filled with pride. The Bible says that this type of pride come before the fall. We should never put our self or anyone one else to high up on a pedestal because that pride will be our downfall. When we think we can do things without God’s help we become pride filled and that is the bad pride.

The good pride is the feeling we have when we see our children being successful or we see them accomplishing something that causes us to feel happy for them. Maybe it is your feeling when you see the grandchild in a Christmas play. Maybe it is seeing your son preaching his first sermon or maybe your daughter as she is getting married.

What I want to do is warn against the bad pride and encourage you to enjoy the good pride.

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