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I have always heard that if you have one true friend you are blessed and if you have more then you are super blessed.  My question is what do you consider a true friend?

I have many people who call me their friend but I wonder if I am that true friend or if they are my true friend.  On May 5th of this year someone I call a friend, died.  He was a real blessing to me and I would call him a friend but I think a true friend is more.  This friend that passed away was a very wonderful person and he will be missed by me and many people that he touched throughout his ministry.

So what makes someone a true friend?  I have a few thought I would like to share.  I think a true friend will be there for you during the tough times.  Sometimes we go through difficult times and when someone stands behind you and with you during those times it helps you get through them.  Not everyone can be there for you during those times.

Since Kelly and I have been married she has been there for me during some of my most difficult times.  I have tried to be there for her when she had some difficult times.  We always know that Jesus stands beside us and walks with us during these times as well.

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