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I Have Something I Want To Share

I have something I want to share that might interest you and then it may not interest you.  It is something that has bothered me for a long time.  If you have an opinion I would love to hear it.

I read Facebook off and on and I see websites without any real person’s name on them promoting what they call “Biblical Truths”.  They take something they know that will stir up people and then they try to claim themselves as the “Authority”.  They try using the Bible to back up their theories.

They title their articles with titles like, “Why Do Women Like To Show Cleavage In Church”, “Is Hell Real or Something Just To Scare You”, “Why Are Women Not Real Pastor’s”, “Is Lying Really A Sin”, “ Is The Bible Really God’s Word For Man” and so on.  I have read many of these articles to be honest with you I am not sure these people even know what they are talking about.  They keep posting until their post just gets folks upset and riled.  For the most part they never really give a clear answer and they just leave people thinking that they have been taught wrong.

I know I have commented several times on some of their posts that I feel are really misleading to new Christians.  For the most part I think they are just using the articles so people will read their articles and they will get more hits not that they want to teach anyone some biblical truths.  They caught me off guard and I clicked their page.  They put these issues on their webpage and they want people to think they are the person who discovered these truths.

Just for the record many of these so called know-it-alls don’t really know much.  You need to check the facts with your Pastor because he knows more than they do and they are just using you to boost their numbers.  They also can track you because you begin following them.  Several times I have had to go back into my settings and change them to get them off my Facebook.

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