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When Are You Going To Do The Right Thing?

I am sure that some of you are wondering what I mean by the title of my blog post.  In our lives we have many decisions we must make and many times we have a choice between doing the right thing and the wrong thing?  The right thing is not always what is best for everyone.

The other day I wrote a post on the Baraboo News Republic website.  I was totally surprised to see the number of people who responded.  The paper had made a very bias statement on their website.  The statement was totally false and was based off of unreliable information that was just hearsay.  Be honest with you I was shocked that the Baraboo News would allow something to be printed without having the information verified.  But guess what?  That is what many post and websites do.  They read something on Facebook and believe it as true and then they pass it on as truth.  That is how Fake News gets started.

I have seen a large number of things posted on Facebook that people have posted that they read on Facebook and they pass them on as truth.  They don’t verify the information, which is the right thing to do; they just share it as truth.

This is just another form of gossip.  Gossip destroys lives and sometimes it can cause things to happen that cannot be reversed.  That is why when you hear something about someone you should verify it before you pass it on.

I my lifetime I have had many things said about me and instead of people coming to me to verify the information they repeat it.  After it has made the rounds and then found to be untrue the damage is done.  Some apologize for the mistake but it never fixes anything.

Here is an example:  Just after I resigned at Pleasant View someone started a rumor that the church was broke and didn’t have any money.  This could not have been farther that the truth.  The church had a very healthy checking account and many CD that included large amounts of money.

Because someone started this rumor someone asked me if I resigned because of the churches finances.  That could have not been farther from the truth.  The person that asked me this question told me that they were told the church was broke and was going under.  So when are you going to do the right thing and be honest about it?

When you start stories you hurt people and then people get hurt.  I have seen this happen before and many folks just brush it off and go on down the line.  They don’t care if they destroy people’s reputation or their good testimony just as long as they preserve their own.

In the end God will get His just due.  So if you are going to go about making up false stories and such remember that what goes around comes around.  God will get His just due and mark my words the cost will be more than you want to pay.

So now you can take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it.  But remember this… sin will take you farther than you want to go and keep you longer that you want to stay and most of all cost you more than you want to pay.

I guarantee you will get some bad effects from all the ugly things you say.  Do the right thing!

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