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How Is The Body Holding Up?

I don’t know about you but when I do a lot of work my bones get real sore and it makes it hard for me to move around.  I know that is what comes from getting older.  I should have known better that if I marry someone much younger than myself that they would have more energy and me.  Kelly never seems to run out of energy.  She is like the energizing bunny that keeps going and going.

When the weather changes I can feel how it affects my body because I feel it in my bones.  I don’t like to admit it but as I get older I am not able to do everything I use to do.

Several weeks ago I found out that when I loaded 10 very large bags of garden soil in the back of my truck.  I was at Lowe’s and of course there was no help around as usual and so I had to load them myself.  I was taking my time because they were very heavy and when I got down to the last four bags I finally sat down on the cart and just gave up.  It wasn’t long until another customer who was much younger than me came over and offered to help.  I am telling you I didn’t send him away I let him help me.

The garden soil sat in my truck because I didn’t have the strength to move them.  I was glad Kelly didn’t say anything but I knew I would need to move them so I unloaded them into our covered trailer.  It took me the whole afternoon because I could only do a few at a time and then I would go inside and rest.  I didn’t want to fall down outside in the rain with a heart attack so I took it easy.

Well I hope that you are holding up better than I am and I guess you just have to keep moving so the knees don’t lock up and you are stuck and not able to move.  Thanks for reading and I hope you drop in again tomorrow.  Thank you for dropping by.

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