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May Is Graduation Month

Since May is a month that is filled with graduations I decided to write a post about my graduation.

I have been called a geek because I went all four years of High School without missing a day of school. I had perfect attendance all four years. Not sure I know anyone else who has done this so if you have please write me and let me know.

During my senior year I almost lost my perfect attendance. The school had a no facial hair policy. That morning my razor did not work because the power was off. I had an electric razor and this was before rechargeable batteries in the razors. So I didn’t shave that morning and I got sent to the office as I had a very heavy beard. If I skipped one day I looked real rustic because of my heavy beard. The principial was going to dry shave me and I talked with him and explained the problem. He had a hard time believing that my beard was just one day old. Finally I convinced him and he let me go back to class without suspending me from school. Had I got suspended that day it would have ruined my perfect attendance record.

I didn’t even skip when everyone else did and I was the only senior who didn’t skip school on senior skip day. It was cool because I was at school but many of my classes didn’t have classes because all the seniors skipped school that day.

I was the only student in my senior class who had perfect attendance all four years of high school. My freshman year was at Carl Schurz High School in Chicago, my junior and sophomore year years were at North Newton High School and my senior year was at Kankakee Valley High School. Each one I had perfect attendance.

Well that is my story what is yours?

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