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A Question That Was Put To Me

The other day I had a question put to me and the person didn’t want me to put it in the Dear Pastor Sam Column but said it was okay for me to write about it in my blog.

Their question was why does God allow evil in the world? I will be honest with you I am not an expert at anything but I will do my best to answer this question.

First of all the reason evil came into the world was because Adam & Eve didn’t obey God. God told them not to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of God & Evil. They allowed Satan to deceive them and they disobeyed. They blamed each other and even blamed the serpent but they made a consciousf decision to partake of the tree.

Because of their disobedience sin and evil came into the world. As generations pasted the sin nature was passed along.

God had given Adam & Eve free choice and those who came after them had free choice. Some people chose to follow the choice of evil while others chose to follow the voice of God. God does not allow people to do evil they chose evil through free choice.

If God took away our free choice we would be robots and we would just do His will. But that was not how He set things up he wanted us to be able to make choices on our own and thus we suffer the consequences of those choices. Many people chose evil, and others chose good.

If you want to follow the way that God would have you go you need to make good choices and if you seek His will and way you can find those choices and make good ones. Ask God’s direction and make wise and good choices.

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