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I have tried to post every day and usually I write five posts a week and one Dear Pastor Sam Column on Saturday. Because I am not on the computer twenty-four seven I am not sure who stops and reads my posts. Usually if you post a comment I know you stopped in. Sometimes I am on when people come in and I get a notification with the town and that give me a ballpark of who it might be.

I am not sure how many of my readers know my cousin Molly. Molly is my Dad’s sisters’ daughter. Molly has some real class and I just wanted to post it on my blog. I have several cousins and I love all my cousins but Molly has always been one that shows real class when she has dealt with me. Some people can be judgmental at times but she has always been fair with me.

When I was going through some difficult times her mother; Mary stuck up for me. Some of my family members were not really understanding about my decisions. Some judged me before hearing both sides of the story. Some have never heard my side of the story. Molly followed her mother’s lead and showed real class by loving me unconditionally and not judging me. For that I am very thankful.

By the way I am not saying that I didn’t have others in the families that weren’t judgmental. I am sorry to say that some leaked to me the feeling of some of you. The stories I heard broke my heart. Molly on the other hand was a strong encourager and for that I am thankful.

If you were one of those who were judgmental, you are forgiven. Next time hear both sides or come to me directly as ask your questions before judging.

Well, I have said my piece so let’s move on!

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