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People Say Stupid Stuff

People say crazy stuff and I say that because I have done that too. Some people say stuff that is what I call beyond crazy. I have said some stuff I would like to take back but not as crazy as some of the folks in the news the last several months. I want to just mention one of the crazy things a Senator said. This was republican Senator Maureen Walsh. What she said was that nurses sit around and play cards during the majority of their shifts.

Kelly had been a nurse as long as I have known her and now she has been a Nurse Practitioner for almost 15 years and she doesn’t sit around playing cards. Most of the people I know couldn’t walk in her shoes for eight hours. This lady senator couldn’t follow Kelly around for a week because she would pass out.

I have a hard time keeping up with her when she isn’t at work and I can imagine what it would be like at work. The Senator, who was running her mouth for whatever reason, just put her foot in it. She doesn’t have a flying idea what nurses do. She needs to walk in their shoes before she tries to make them look bad because Nurses are the hardest working professionals I know.

I would say something else but I am going to keep my dignity and not say it. Just take it from me Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are some of the hardest working professionals in the field of medicine.

I have said some stupid things but what that Senator said takes the cake. Do you have any good quotes you would like to share?

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