Should Criminals Vote?

My email and my feed on my Facebook has been lighting up about this issue.  The state of Illinois has many politicians in jail if we let them vote we would be in worse shape.   I think we have had about five or more governors from Illinois go to jail.  On the news this past week we see our governor is again in deep water as far as crime is concerned.  They are just getting around to investigating the crime he committed before the election.  The folks of our state, (not me) voted him in knowing he had committed a crime but they didn’t care.  Now he is trying to tax the people of Illinois for the same stuff he was trying to avoid paying.  He is a Billionaire and doesn’t want to pay his fair share but he wants us, the middle class, to pay higher taxes.  Right now we have a whole bunch of criminals running our government in Illinois and that is why our state is going to pot.  Soon we can open a wing in the prison for Illinois governors.

I know you won’t let me know but I would like to know if you think criminals should have the right to vote.  If you are for it I know you won’t have the guts to say so or give your reason but I would like to hear it.  Maybe those who are against it can let me know and then I will know who the others are.

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