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A Very Sad Time In My Life

I don’t know about you but there have been a few times in my life that I had a very sad experience.  Many of us would just like to forget them and move on.  Since I have been writing this blog I have tried to go back and remember some of the events in my life.  Today while I was trying to think back and I remembered this very sad day in my life.  I will share it with you.

Kelly and I had just had a fight.  Not sure what we were fighting about but it was probably something stupid.  She went upstairs to the bedroom and I was very sad and I went downstairs in the basement.  At that time we had a whole bunch of birds downstairs and I went down there because I though she would wonder where I was at.

It was cold down there but we had electric heaters down there to help keep the birds warm.  I turned the heat up and sat on the floor in front of the heater.  I was very sad and upset with myself and was trying to figure out what I should do.

I was down there for several hours and Kelly never came down looking for me.  The longer I sat down there the worse I got.  Finally I heard her come down to the living room and I just tried to listen to see what she might be doing up there.

I couldn’t hear anything so finally I decided to come up and there she was sitting on the couch.  The couch was on the east wall and the TV was on the west wall.  I sat down on the couch with her and we talked for an hour or so.  After we talked my spirits were better and I wasn’t sad anymore.  We got things right between us right and all was okay.

The one thing that has helped us stick it out in bad times was we talked things out and we learned to forgive each other when we said very mean things to each other.  Kelly and I love each other more because of the hard times we went through.

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