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Things Happen

During our life time things will happen to us. Some of the things that happen in our life time will be things we want to cherish and remember but other events will be things we want to forget.

I have found out over the years that I have spots in my memory that I have a total blank. An example of this is before I left Arizona as a child. There are spots that I have small memories that I can remember but nothing of any great magnitude.

I have a memory of my mother chasing me around a house we lived on a hill. I had done something wrong and she was chasing me so she could correct me. I don’t really remember what happened before or after I just remember her chasing me.

I have a memory of riding something down that long hill that was in front of that house. Again not very many details are in my memory but I remember the hill.

I have a memory as we were getting in the car to leave that my mother took a pocket knife I had away from me. She was concerned I would play with it in the car while we were traveling and I would get hurt. I remember the bed my Dad made for us in the back seat of the car so we could sleep.

One other memory I have is I was at school and the nurse was giving me some type of shot and I was fighting her so they had several people hold me down while they gave it to me. I have a hard time forgetting it and I think it is why I have such a fear of needles. Things happen and sometimes we remember and sometimes we can. Hold on to the ones you have.

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