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Political Surveys

I don’t know if you get political surveys in the mail but I get them regularly. They ask the same questions and I answer some of them but they keep asking the same question. The problem is they never do anything they ask me about. Here is a some of some of the questions. “Should Hillary Clinton go to jail for her crimes?” Yes! But it hasn’t happened and I keep wondering what the holdup is. “Do you support Donald Trump for President?” Yes! “Do you support building a wall or barrier at the3 southern border and stopping illegal immigration?” Yes!! Do you support sanctuary cities?” No!! “Do you think we should cancel funding for all sanctuary cities?” Yes!!

My question is when are they going to quit chasing the rabbit up the rabbit hole and prosecute these criminals? If they used as much time going after Hillary Clinton, Obama, and these other criminals as they do the President we would be a much safer nation.

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