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Security At The Border

Many of you do not live near the border of the United States and Mexico.  People are not coming in the right way by going to the areas where they can cross legally.  The reason is because they don’t want to try to come in legally because it takes too long so they want to jump the line.  Many of our politicians think that it is a joke that they are flooding our southern borders and coming in illegally and they are destroying our economy and they are bringing more criminals in with them too.  Many of the democrats want the economy to fail because they will blame Trump and they hope it will help their political party.  So what I see is that they are more interested in the political party than the safety of American citizens.  We need to wake up and put aside this political war and close our borders until we can get things under control.

The more I see what they are doing to our country when they play politics makes me sick.  Why don’t they get off their self-righteous butts and do something for our country?

When they lose the next election by a big landslide they can blame themselves.  They need to quit blaming everyone else and get back to work.

I vote in every election and I want to encourage everyone to vote straight Republican and let these Democrats know that we love our country and we aren’t going to let them destroy our country.

I know many democrats that know their party is doing wrong and they ought to have the guts to send them a message on Election Day.  If you do maybe they will wake up and do something about what is going on.

Let’s Make America Great!!!!!!   

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