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For those seeking a relationship I have a few words of advice.  Before entering a relationship I encourage you to make sure of several things before the relationship gets too far along.

First I think you need to make sure the person you are dating is a Christian and holds the same values that you do.  If you wait too long you may find yourself in an unhappy situation.  If you both have similar beliefs then you will have something to build on.

Secondly you need to make sure that your future plans concerning having children and how you are going to raise them needs to be talked about.  Many marriages hit rocky spots because of when the children begin to come into the family the new couple is not on the same page.

Something I think is important but many overlook is your taste in foods.  If you don’t like the same foods you can find this a very trying situation.  I remember when I started dating Kelly we talked about foods we did like and didn’t like.  Both of us do not like Chinese food and we both are not sea food eaters.  Kelly likes fish from time to time but doesn’t like lobster, snails, and so forth.  That is very much how I feel too.  We both liked Mexican food, pizza, and Italian food. 

When we talked about other foods that we enjoyed we were very compatible.  We used the same type of ketchup, salad dressing, mustard and so for the most part we were very much in agreement.

Our political views were very similar and for the most part we agreed on other issues such as homosexuality, abortion, and capital punishment.

We had a few different views on raising children but we agreed to work together on raising the children.  My kids were already adults but hers were still at home.   

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