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Many people don’t know that I like photography.  The picture above is one of my pictures that I treasure.  I took this picture while my photography class was out on a field trip taking pictures.  Then we had to come back to class an develop the pictures we took.  This one was one of my favorite pictures. 

I had a guy in class that somehow got my negative and tried to duplicate my picture as his.  He ended getting kicked out of the class.  Anyone who has seen this picture knows me knows it is orginal with me.

Kelly and I also have taken many pictures of lighthouses and bridges over the years.  We used to develop the pictures we took but lately that hobby has been put on the side.  We used to have a dark room and we had a whole group of things we were trying to capture on film.  Sometimes things happen to derail the things you enjoy so very much.

Maybe down the line we will get back into this hobby.  I know Kelly used to really enjoy it.  We have an enlarger and reducer and we still have some of our photography stuff.

The pictures we took were black and white and they were things that looked good as black and white photographs.  We both have our own black and white cameras we take pictures with.  

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