Here is a subject that many can relate to. Most everyone has experienced depression in one form or another. Many folks don’t want to admit that they have had depression. When we go to the doctor they ask us if we have thought of depression. What does that mean? Are they asking if we think about getting depressed? I am not sure what they are fishing for but I don’t think about being depressed. I can get down in the dump now and then but I don’t get the kind of depression that makes me think about doing something to harm myself or someone else.

One time I was talking to a friend about depression and he said that everyone is worried that someone will get depressed and shoot up the town. Just because a person has a little depression doesn’t mean they are going to go out and commit a crime.

I know that there have been some normal folks that have gotten depressed and they have done some things they shouldn’t have done. Usually when someone is about to do something like this they show signs that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many of the people I know that get depressed it is because of loneliness or they are just down in the dumps because of the piling stress that is in their lives. We need to decompress sometimes and just get rid of all that stress.

There is a cure to loneliness and that is to get around other people. You can go out to a restaurant, to church, bowling, or someplace where there are loads of people. If you have someone around who is really friendly they will make you feel better and that sure does help. You can also call someone on the phone or you can take a walk in the park.

I know that I love to read and sometimes when I feel lonely or discouraged I read and it helps me a great deal. Find your answer and use it to help yourself.

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