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It is not my intentions to make anyone mad at me.  I do not have a beef with anyone.  Not everyone will like me.  That is hard for me to believe because I am such a likable person but I have found out that I can rub people wrong and so if I rubbed you wrong or you don’t like me I am sorry.

For many years I felt like I had to act in such a way because of what people thought.  Now I don’t have to live that way anymore so I am not out to impress anyone.  I get along with almost everyone and if you want to be my friend I usually don’t have a problem with that.  The time has come that I don’t have to impress anyone so I am living a happier life.

I know many folks are going through life trying to impress those around them.  I just feel I don’t need to impress anyone so please don’t be offended. 

Sometimes I say stupid stuff and if I offend you I am sorry.  If you let me know that I offended you I will apologize.  If you are offended with me and you don’t tell me I won’t know as I do not read minds and so I wouldn’t know.

When I was a Pastor people would get sick and some who were taken to the hospital never told me but expected me to know it.  Many I never visited because I didn’t know they were in the hospital.  But some folks thought I knew everything and so they didn’t call me and when I didn’t visit them they got mad at me.  I don’t always hear about everything that is going on so unless you tell me I won’t know.

I had a friend die and I didn’t make it to the funeral.  Several months later I tried to call him and his wife told me he had died.  I told her I was sorry to hear that.  She asked why I didn’t come to the funeral and I told her I didn’t know that he died because nobody told me.  So if you want me to know things you need to let me know.                                                                                                                      

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