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A Very Interesting True Story

It seems that the news is filled with political stories or shootings. Today I heard a story that didn’t have either of these items and I thought I would share it.

A restaurant in the St. Louis area had a fire which was going to cause it to close for a week or so. This was going to put all the workers out of work.

Another local restaurant decided to help out. The restaurant that had the fire was a breakfast restaurant and the other was more of a lunch restaurant. So the restaurant that didn’t have a fire offer their restaurant to open and serve the patrons of the other restaurant during the breakfast time. The workers from the restaurant that had the fire would be working during the breakfast menu so they would be able to work instead of be out of work.

Some of you are wondering why I didn’t name the restaurants in question. I think this good deal should be mentioned but I am not going to promote them because I don’t want to hamper the great deed that was done.

This is something that people ought to learn from. Helping your fellow neighbor is a good thing. God will bring mounds of rewards for this wonderful deed.

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