When Thinking Of The Past

When thinking of the past we usually try to put the bad memories out of our mind and think about all the good memories. But it seems like we always have a few of the bad memories creep back into our mind. Yesterday was such a day and I apologize for that. The reason the memory was so fresh was because of the files I was reading that were still in my desk. It deeply hurt and sometimes if you write about it, it helps.

When you think about good things that helps bring you back to a place where you should be. Today I was thinking about when Josh and I were working on the siding on our house. Josh was a real go getter and he sometimes was a daredevil but when he set his mind to something he gave it his all.

Josh didn’t really want to help me with the siding but his mother asked him to help and so he did. At first we kept trying to show who was smarter. When you deal with Josh he always thought he knew it all and I must say that he was really smart. If he didn’t know how to do something he would figure it out. Both he and Randy were the kind of people who wouldn’t admit they didn’t know how to do something. They would figure it out on the fly and somehow things would work out.

I didn’t know much about siding but Clyde and I had done some when I was in Baraboo and so I was trying to remember how to do it. Josh was just doing it like he had done it all his life. It kind of rubbed me wrong but after a while I started to come around.

Needless to say we got almost all of the siding done and that time I spent with him working on the siding a few months before his death was a great memory to keep in the memory banks.

Like I said before some memories are good and some are bad it is just how we sort them out that decide how they will affect us.

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