Attacks On A Pastor

I can speak to this subject as I have been attacked several times while I was Pastor of a church in Wood River. It was heart-breaking for me and I was grieved at the way I was attacked behind my back.

When a person wants to bring an accusation against a Pastor or a member of the Church it should follow the scriptural plan given in the scriptures. Usually when something like this is done it is done because of the ignorance of a church member who is not familiar with the scriptures or they just don’t want to follow the scriptures because they think that the person in question doesn’t deserve to be heard.

In my case the person who attacked me went in the church and used the churches copy machine to make numerous copies of materials that she planned to mail to all the members of the church. She did not have the permission of any church officer who had the authority to allow her to do this. She did this on her own and I was surprised as well as many of the members of the church. In her ignorance she did not get copies to every member and we will never know if that was on purpose or by accident.

The accusation she made was totally wrong and the information she printed was totally misleading. She never admitted to her failure to follow biblical directions from the scriptures or rules and regulations set down by the church association leadership.

In her ignorance she stated that I read my sermon which is totally inaccurate. My guess is that she hasn’t been in our church services enough to know my style of preaching. My sermons are totally in an outline form and I never read or have I ever read my sermon.

People who have a problem with the Pastor or another leader need to follow the proper procedure presented in the scriptures. The same goes for any member of the church. This is why there are so many false accusations because they are presented in an improper way. The same person would have been totally hurt had someone done the same thing to her in the way she did to me.

Sometimes people think they know how things should be handled and they take matters into their own hands and people get hurt because they don’t know what they are doing. People get hurt and sometimes people’s lives are destroyed. The sad part is that the people who take things into their own hands never admit they messed up and they usually pretend they never did anything wrong. This is very sad.

I was cleaning my desk and I found these old files and as I read them I thought… how can someone be so ignorant to do this?

If you have a problem with a church leader or someone in the church get help from someone who knows the scriptures and the rules of your local denomination. Don’t be ignorant and make a fool of yourself.

I have no regrets as I did nothing wrong but I do grieve for this dear lady as she made a fool of herself and she hurt a great number of people in the process and many of them will never be able to be the kind of person they should be because of the actions this lady took without really knowing what she was doing.

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