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Are You Serious, Now?

I just need to vent about my recent visit to Steak N Shake. We just ate our complete meal without an refills on on drinks and I decided to ask for a drink to go because they didn’t give us any during the meal. I asked for mine without ice because I didn’t want the soda to be watered down because I was not going to drink it until the next day.

When I got home I noticed the drink was only filled ¾ of the way. Are you serious, now Steak N Shake? Are you telling me that you are too cheap to fill my soda up? Give me strength!! How much cash are you losing by not filling my cup up? Actually you are losing money because I won’t be back for a while because you have shown me that you are cheap and you don’t really care about your customers.

You aren’t hurting me you are hurting yourself by being cheap and selfish. Filling my cup all the way would not hurt your bottom line. This was the Alton, Illinois Steak N Shake so be aware of their service ways.

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