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Do you have a dog?  Over the years Kelly and I have had several dogs.  We love our dogs and they are just like family.  The first dog we got together was Titus.  Titus was a Dalmatian puppy and he was a very good dog.  We had him for a very long time until he was old and very sick.  It was hard saying goodbye to him.  We had him for about 15 year or more.

For a short time we had a dog whose name was Ginger.  Ginger was a Jack Russell Terrier and she bit me and we had to find her another home.  She was not allowing Titus to eat and we had gotten a Boxer puppy (Beth) and she wouldn’t let her eat either.  I had to keep the dogs separate and that was when I got bit.  We found another home for Ginger.  After investigating we found out they like to be the only dog so we found a home on a farm for her.  She loved it and worked out real good for the new owner.

We had three dogs for a short time.  We had Titus the Dalmatian, Beth the Boxer, and Daisy Mae a Boxer.  After we found a home for Ginger the three dogs got along great.  Then Titus had reached an age that he was too old to go on and I had to carry him upstairs and outside because he could barely walk.  Finally we knew it was time we had to let go.

Things went well until Daisy Mae got mean.  She wouldn’t let anyone leave the yard and if they did she would try to bite them.  Then she wouldn’t let me or anyone leave via the front door without trying to bite us.  I took her to the vet and he did all he could but we couldn’t keep her because she was being mean.

Then we got Jasper the Chocolate Lab.  Beth and Jasper got along great.  We loved them and we hoped to have then for a very long time.  Beth had hip problems and we gave her stuff to help with it but she grew worse.  We probably kept her too long because when I finally took her to the vet her throat was closing up and she couldn’t breathe.  She was a great dog and we miss her.

Jasper our Chocolate Lab is the dog we have now.  He loves being the only dog and he is great since he is out of the puppy stage.  We took him when we went to the Smoky Mountains and he was great in the cabin up there and real good on the car trip.  He stayed in our hotel and was just great and never barked when people walked by.

I don’t know about you but Kelly and I love dogs.  They can be a great friend and companion.

I am 

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