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The Story Behind The Picture

The picture on my blog is of my graduation from Lewis & Clark Community College. My Dad came for my graduation and what a wild weekend that was. No because he came but it seemed like everything went wrong.

I got a Degree In Web Design & Graphic Design and I was proud that my Dad was able to come.

Kelly and I had a lot of stuff that happened that weekend and all I remember is that my Dad rolled with the punches that came to us. We were going nuts and he was just as calm as a cucumber whatever that means. Kelly and were running around like we had our heads chopped of and he was just cool. He said don’t worry everything will work out.

As I remember it everything did work out and I made it to graduation and we came outside and took a picture. I was very proud that day. Kelly was a blessing as well as she put up with me during the whole mess. I also should give credit where credit is due. She took the picture.

Sometimes we need pictures to remind us of things that happen in our past. Some things we might want to forget but the pictures seem to remind us of the good and the bad.

As you go through life and you look at pictures try to remember what events were taking place prior to the picture begin taken. It might give you a renewed attitude about the situation.

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