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How Is This Possible?

Every time I read the newspaper or turn on the news I hear something negative about the President. When Obama and Hillary were in office making a mess of our country at least the Republican’s where still at work trying work at getting things done.

Now that we have a Republican in office as president the Democrats are not doing anything. The republicans are trying to keep the government going and all the Democrats do is try to find something the president is doing wrong. I am sorry I had to bring this up in my blog but I have sat around holding it in so it isn’t going to hurt you to listen to me vent this one time in a long time.

The Democrats won’t proceed to protect our southern border. When they are in office they voted for the same stuff they are now against. All they have been doing lately if investigate charges against the president which they have done for over two years and they have wasted millions of dollars and they still can’t find anything. They told us that when the report came out we had to except the report and then when it comes out they say they won’t accept it they want more investigation. The American people are tired of this waste of money which has got us nothing. What they should have done is investigate Hillary Clinton who has a pile of evidence that she has broken a ton of laws and should be in jail. How is this possible? What is going on in Washington D.C. and why are they not charging people who are guilty? Instead they are investigating the innocent and wasting taxpayers’ money.

When are the Democrats going to get off their butts and give us an honest day of work for the pay they get? Instead the hauling in the dough and put it in the bank and we get nothing for all the money they have put in their bank accounts. When are they going to give an account for what they have done?

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