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I have been reading many new news stories and many of them upset me. I am not sure what upsets me more the ones that are Fake News or the ones that have a very sad ending.

I hate it when news channels use their channel to push their political agenda. I don’t mind them reporting the news but many of them have a one-sided view of the news. I am careful to not listen to news stories when they only give their side of the news.

I also hate it when the news uses tragedies to boost their political agenda. Please let it go and quit this and start reporting news and leave your bias agenda out of the picture.

I have noticed at times our local news puts a jab in once in a while to promote their bias agenda. I wished they would just go back to reporting the news and quit trying to affect people’s political views.

My question for you today is are you affected by the bias news media. Do you have a mind of your own or do you let them think for you? We know right from wrong and most of us knows what they are promoting. Do your research and don’t allow the media to do your thinking for you.

And now a word from our sponsor… Jesus the same yesterday and forever. Jesus saves and forgives sin. God bless America and IN GOD WE TRUST!

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