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The Alton Square Mall

I am going to make a few comments about the Alton Square Mall. You may not agree with me and if you don’t that is fine. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Some of what I am going to say could be true of other failing malls across the country too.

First of think about it when was the last time you went out to this mall or let’s say a mall in your neighborhood of the country? It has been over a year since I have been out to the mall and I just went out there to eat at Olga’s. Tey have good food but I like different kinds of food so I go to places where I can try different stuff.

The Mall is dying and is not going to produce profits until the management gets their head on right. First off they need to bring stores in that people will actually go to buy stuff. They priced themselves out of the market by not replacing good stores in the Mall. They need stores that will bring young people in such as Abercrombie & Finch and the like. They should put in a good sit down restaurant in the Mall to get families out there. A Theater would be another draw.

What they have in there now is not going to bring anyone in. They need some big names and they are going to have to be creative to get them to come in. If they want to turn the mall into another Jamestown they can just keep going like they are.

They need to listen to the people. Folks in this area want better places to eat and I am not talking fast food. They are wanting better places to shop and what they have in there now is not going to cut it.

I predict that this Mall will be closed down in 5 years if they don’t get their heads out of the sand. Listen to the people. I heard someone did a poll for a school assignment and the large percentage of people said, a theater, better restaurants, & big name stores were at the top of the list.

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