Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

The other day I was driving along minding my own business and then this person who thought I was driving too slowly came speeding past me.  As they drove by they flipped me the birdie if you know what I mean.  How do you respond when someone does that?

                  Not Happy

Dear Not Happy,

I was at a stop sign once and I had just got a new car and was trying to be extra careful and I had a car pull around me and they flipped me the bird.  The real sad part was it was a member of my Church.  They didn’t recognize my car as I had just got a new one.  The next Sunday I saw them and they acted funny but they never apologized.  They knew they were wrong and I just let it eat at them.  Another time I was out on visitation and I knocked on a door and after I introduced myself the person cursed at me and slammed the door in my face.

About a month later I ran into the person in the store and she said, “You look familiar, do I know you?”  I just told her who I was and she was totally embarrassed.  Let God take care of it because He does a better job.  I find out when I try to handle it I only make it worse.

                                  Pastor Sam

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