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Buying A New Car

No matter what you do the car dealers make buying a car into a two to three day event.  Kelly shopped around on the internet and scooped out the cars she was interested in and we talked about color and what make of car we wanted.  We talked about the features we wanted and when we made our final decision she called around at the different dealers to see who had a car that was the color and had the features we were interested in.

Next she applied for credit and gave them the information about our trade in and she worked from home on the discounts and trade in.  One dealer said we had to bring in the car and let them check it over but they didn’t have the car we were looking for so we passed on that deal.  Another dealer had the car we wanted and they gave us a reasonable bid for our trade and they were giving us some discounts which put it in the ballpark we were looking at.  Kelly told them when they got the financing approved and we could bring the car in and take a test drive and have them look our car over, to call us.  She also told them that we wanted to just test drive and sign papers and drive home.  We didn’t want to sit around all day or night.  So she told them when everything was ready to let us know and we would come over and sign the deal.

Well, just as we were leaving one evening to go out to dinner they called.  She asked them if they had our car ready and all the papers ready to sign.  They told her that they did and if we came over we could test drive the car and sign papers and go home with our new car.

So we drove over to Missouri to the dealership on a Thursday night and we were planning to just test drive the new car and sign papers and drive our new car home.  The financing was all approved and so all they had to do was look at our car that we were trading in.

Well, when we got there they took us out for a test drive and the car we were put in was white and we told them we wanted a Blue car.  The salesman said the car was way in the back and this car was exactly the same and they didn’t want to get it out until we knew for sure that we wanted that car.

Well we drove the car around and we loved it and all the features and so we came back and parked the car and sat down at the table to sign papers.  At least that is what we thought we were doing.  We sat down and waiting about an hour and they came out and presented us an offer for our car and the payment for the new car.  Needless to say it was not what we had agreed on.  They were offering us a good price for our trade in and they offered us some good discounts but they did not put the taxes in the loan like they had promised.  We asked about this and he said they don’t include taxes in the selling price that we have to pay them when we get our license plates.  Kelly and I talked and we decided we were going to pass and leave and forget the deal.

So that didn’t go well with the salesman.  We told him we thought they had got our financing approved what happened?  He said they didn’t include the taxes and we told them if they couldn’t include it we were going to forget the deal.  Then they left us and went back to see what they could do.  We decided if they couldn’t come up with the figure we wanted we were going to go home without a new car.  Twice they came back and made offers and we turned them down.  Finally they came back with one that was what we wanted.

So we said lets sign the papers so we can get out of here.  We signed a paper that we would take the deal they offered and then they came back and told us that the car we wanted was not on their lot that they would have to go to another dealership and get the car we wanted.  Well, that was a real mess and we were not happy.  They told us they would let us take home another new car until ours got there which was going to be Saturday.

To make a long story short we agreed and we took our stuff out of our car and put it in the car they were going to let us take home until ours came in.  We left and went home.

Then we came back on Saturday and there was our new car parked in front of the dealership.  We took it for a test drive and then we came back and signed papers and finally went home.

If they ever tell you it is going to be a test drive and drive home, don’t believe it.  They will jack you around this way and that way and it never goes like they say it will.   


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